Utility of Utilities

WUS-2018 which is spread over three days from 11th to 13th March, 2018 will provide common ground for electricity, water and gas Utility personnel to discuss with Industries, Consultants, Service Providers, Researchers and Regulators and re-define the “Utility of Utilities” in the changing business environment.

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Change Paradigms, Reframe Policies, Disruptive Innovation, New Consumers and much more. The speakers of the World Utility Summit bring a diversity of perspective from across the Globe.

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Standing Committee

CXO’s of Global Utilities, at the forefront of transformative change, are part of the Standing Committee of the World Utility Summit. A Global First!

  • Shri. A.Venu Prasad

    CMD - Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd (PSPCL), India
  • Shri. Alok Kumar

    Chairman - Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd.
  • Mr. Aniruddha Basu

    Managing Director - Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation Ltd.
  • Shri B. B. Chauhan

    Managing Director – Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation (GETCO), India
  • Shri. B. C. K Mishra

    Managing Director - Uttarakhand Power Corporation Ltd. (UPCL), India
  • Mr. Debasish Banerjee

    CEO - Reliance Energy
    Reliance Infrastructure Ltd., India
  • Mr. Gurdeep Singh

    Chairman & Managing Director - NTPC, India
  • Mr. K.V.S. Baba

    CMD - Power System Operation Corporation Ltd., India
  • Mr. Kurt Bobst

    CEO & Head of Market – Repower AG, Switzerland
  • Dr. M. Sai Kumar I.A.S

    Chairman & Managing Director - Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited (TANGEDCO), India
  • Mr. Manish Agarwal

    CEO - Solution Business, Sterlite Power, India
  • Dr. Murhari S. Kele

    Director (Technical) - M.P.Paschim Kshetra Vidyuat Vitaran Co.Ltd, India
  • Shri. P. R. Kumar

    CEO - BSES Yamuna Power Limited, India
  • Shri. P. Rajendra Cholan, IAS

    Managing Director - Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited (BESCOM), India
  • Mr. Praveer Sinha

    Chairman - Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited, India
  • Mr. R. C. Agarwala

    Managing Director - NPCL, India
  • Shri. R. P. Sasmal

    Director (Operations) - Power Grid Corporation of India
  • Mr. Sachin Gupta

    COO & Director - Caparo Power Limited, India
  • Mr. Sanjay Kumar Shukla

    Managing Director - MPPMCL, India
  • Mr. Sanjeev Kumar

    Managing Director - Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited, India

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Advisory Committee

Global leadership and perspectives from luminaries from across the spectrum of utilities.

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Leading Voices

Conventional definition of utility is “a firm that owns and/or operates facilities used for generation and transmission or distribution of electricity, gas, or water to general public”.

However, with more and more penetration of the renewable energy into the grid, utilities are embracing the smart grid technologies, internet of things (IoT) and usage of real time data to enhance the performance and structure of future Utilities. The rise of the digital technology and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) are also key focus of the future utilities, which are bringing the much needed transparency in the system resulting in better consumer engagement. With the help of digital technology, there is lot more convergence of activities of different types of industries and Utilities are more focused on convergence of technology and services.

WUS-2018 which is spread over three days from 11th to 13th March, 2018 will provide common ground for electricity, water and gas Utility personnel to discuss with Industries, Consultants, Service Providers, Researchers and Regulators and re-define the “Utility of Utilities” in the changing business environment. The summit will focus on the following topics:

  • Empowering electricity, water and food security
  • Harmonizing the regulatory frame work for utilities
  • Racing with technologies
  • Impact of environmental regulation on Utility
  • Convergence of Utility business
  • Transportation electrification, storage and renewable energy integration nexus

WUS-2018 will come out with the proceedings on the above topics and the findings would be deliberated through keynote addresses, panel discussions and interactive sessions.


Create a global forum where the world utility leaders continually engage in dialogue and exchange information.


To ensure that the world utilities anticipate and address change together.

Key Objectives

  1. 1. To define and deliberate the changes that will come e.g. policy, market, technology, together determining the probable ideas and solutions to deal with the continuous changes sharing knowledge and experience with one and other thereby reducing the learning curve.
  2. 2. To create white papers for various stakeholders including regulators, utilities, related industries and help them understand, deliberate and solve issues at hand and of the future.
  3. 3. To enable Networking opportunities for one on one discussion between summit participants for seamless collaboration and co-creation.
  4. 4. The long term objective is to setup a “World Utility Council” or “World Utility Forum” that is truly driven by the utilities, of the utilities and for the utilities.

Why the need for this forum

The pre-eminence of clean, uninterrupted power in today’s world is impacted by growing need for de-carbonization, Socio-economic and political pressure for access to power, Interdependencies of water, land and electricity and evolving customer behavior patterns due to technology dependency. To address this phenomenon, utilities of world have to move towards finding solutions that are seamless, inter-connected and caters to all constituencies equally.

Power utilities operate in their regional silos, seldom interconnected except in a few regional power forums. Utilities within themselves have varying degrees of expertise and experience across diverse conditions, but are rarely exchanged. In converging market there is need to share resources optimally and find solutions for the addressing big challenges, arising out of evolving changes. Utilities have no choice but to adapt to this change!

Optimal utilization of resource is one way to reduce carbon emission, achieve equitable power for all and adaptability to changing customer demands, for doing so it is imperative for utilities to come together to remodel and upshift to the next generation to be swifter, more agile, efficient and creative to explore new business models and services co-created with all stakeholders.

When and where is it?

World Utility Summit™ is a pioneering thought leadership forum, which attempts to set the agenda for the future, actively playing the role of a key enabler for the eco-system and to develop optimal solutions, technology & products. World Utility Summit™ will be attended by CXOs and senior management team members of utilities, energy efficiency bodies, standards organizations, regulators, finance professionals and policy makers from around the world. This event will be co-located with Elecrama 2018 which brings together the complete spectrum of solutions that powers the planet.

Participation only through prior registration and confirmation.

Please contact:

The Secretariat, The World Utility Summit™
Phone: +91 77220 86088
Email: secretariat@worldutilitysummit.org

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