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Key to successfully rebuilding our energy systems lies in sustainability

Interview with Kurt Bobst, CEO and Head of Market – Repower AG, Switzerland

How is the future energy world shaping up in your opinion?

The future energy world is digital, connected and customer-centred. But it’s not just the world of energy that’s in flux. The way customers live and consume is also changing. They want to be able to influence the production of the power they use, or even generate it themselves. They’re playing an active role in shaping the future of energy. Repower has developed an innovative solution called Smartpower in response to all that.

What are the challenges that utilities are facing these days in Switzerland?

Digital transformation, distributed generation, the growing role of renewables, local storage, electric vehicles, extending transmission and distribution grids, and increasing regulation are just some of the major trends. Important decisions have to be made for the future, and considerable investment will be needed to maintain a high degree of energy self-sufficiency and therefore assure security of supply. Boosting energy efficiency will be playing a key role.

What is your vision for the future of the energy systems in Switzerland?

The key to successfully rebuilding our energy systems lies in sustainability. It’s about recognising and anticipating trends and developments. We also face the challenge of players from other industries entering the market with new solutions. Innovation and digitalisation will be crucial to success. Repower has responded and is working on solutions that will help shape the future of energy.

Quote from Kurt Bobst

Racing with technologies:
New challenges are prompting us to venture down new paths. Technological progress is enabling Repower to develop innovative, energy-efficient solutions to make a lasting impact on the energy world of the future.

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