Dr. K. Balaraman

Dr. K. Balaraman

Director General - National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE), India

Dr. Balaraman Kannan is an expert in RE integration and power system planning & operation having extensive knowledge in handling very large systems like Indian and several other international grid systems to complex industrial networks. His vast experience of more than 28 years is spread across the gamut of power system engineering. He has extensively travelled across the globe for providing technical services, capacity building, business development, and research.

Dr. Balaraman is highly specialized in Renewable Integration, power system planning, and solving exceedingly intricate customer problems and providing solutions with right mix of tools, technologies and most of all, adept domain expertise.

His international experience besides India includes England, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Fiji, Angola, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Maldives, Denmark, Spain, USA and other countries.

He has carried out Grid Integration of RE with the portfolio of more than 35,000MW of wind generation and 5000 MW of solar generation. The projects spans across India, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Fiji and Indonesia. He was involved in preparation of Wind Energy Grid code in India and also updating Java-Matura-Bali Grid code with Renewables as part of ICED-1 project. As part of US-AID SARI project, he was involved in Harmonization of Grid code for South Asian interconnection which includes Renewable Energy options for meeting the demand.

He is recipient of “Outstanding Engineer Award” by the IEEE Power and Energy Society in 2016 and also received “British Overseas Scholarship” in 1997.

He has published over 50 research papers in National and international journals & conferences. He has guided over 250 projects of Master degree and Bachelor degree students and at present 3 students are working under him for their Ph.D and 2 students are working on M.Sc by research. He has delivered over 3000 lectures in the areas of Renewable energy integration, Intelligent Grid, Smart grid techniques, Forecasting, Power system simulation and studies, Power Trading, Power Exchange, Transmission pricing, Power System Planning, Energy Management System, Power system operation, ABT, FGMO in system operation, Reactive power Management, Electricity Supply Industry -Deregulation & Restructuring, Power System Quality, Issues in open access, Regulatory issues concerning power sector, Integrating wind energy into the grid, Power supply to irrigation pump set- Solar option, Issues in Hydro pricing and Financial Tools in Power trading.

Dr. K. Balaraman is also active in academic World and is advising many educational institutions and universities and is also member of Board of studies.