Mr. Keith Nicolas Galatis

Mr. Keith Nicolas Galatis

MD - Utility Design Services, South Africa

Keith Galatis is Managing Director of Utility Design Services (UDS). He holds a BSc Electrical Engineering degree from the University of the Witwatersrand and a Masters degree in Business Leadership from the university of South Africa. He is a registered professional engineer and a senior member of the SAIEE.

Keith held the position of head of Metering and Measurements at Eskom in South Africa where he was responsible for Distribution Metering, Transmission Metering, Measurements and DC systems. During this time, Keith led a team in developing standards for prepayment metering. In 1996, he established Utility Design Services, a consultancy specializing in revenue management, metering and billing.

Keith has travelled widely and implemented revenue management initiatives for water and electricity utilities in over 20 countries. He has extensive experience in Africa and Asia. He is considered an expert in the fields of prepayment, smart metering and revenue management.

Keith has a keen interest in integrating complimentary technologies and matching the efforts of introducing new technologies with appropriate processes and procedures to support operational staff in the field. His interests also include Big Data, Data Analytics and the Internet of Things.