Ms. Shawna Pachal

Ms. Shawna Pachal

Senior Managing Director - Manitoba Hydro International, Canada

As Senior Managing Director Shawna is responsible for leading Manitoba Hydro International’s global business activities.

MHI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manitoba Hydro, Canada’s fourth largest electric and gas utility. MHI provides consulting, training and management services to project developers/owners, electric and gas utilities and governments world-wide. Prior to holding this position Shawna was the Director of the Power Projects Development Division at Manitoba Hydro, responsible for the business enterprise phase of proposed hydroelectric projects worth over $ 10 Billion.

Shawna is an accomplished executive with over 33 years of experience in the power sector including 23 years of experience in the delivery of international utility services primarily to developing countries.

Shawna played a prominent role in the development and implementation of Manitoba Hydro’s Strategic Business Planning processes and has assisted many utilities around the world with the development of their strategic planning initiatives.

Shawna was also the Chair of the Canadian Electrical Association (CEA) ‘s Benchmarking and Measurement Committee (COPE) responsible for identifying best utility practices and establishing KPI’s for cross utility benchmarking.