Mr. Shreegopal Kabra

Mr. Shreegopal Kabra

President - IEEMA, India

Mr. Shreegopal Kabra, a business leader, philanthropist & global entrepreneur often recognized as a trend setter in the industry is the Managing Director and President of RR Global, a 650 Million USD diversified group of industries focusing mainly on infrastructure & electrical solutions. Born in Rajasthan & Educated in Mumbai, Mr. Kabra is the youngest of three brothers and is credited to being the first to introduce the industry to Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables with Unilay Core Technology (UCT), a unique product that is virtually reproof, enhancing safety standards. A revolutionizing product that has helped propel the RR Group to even greater heights.

Mr. Kabra’s basic mantra has always been of getting the right people and the right products in the market at the right time. Thanks to this core principle coupled with a strong business philosophy and vision, he was able to take the group internationally. Setting up Ram Ratna International in 1991, in less than three decades, the group now enjoys a presence across 80 countries spanning 5 continents.

Besides taking his business to greater heights and building a Global Brand, Mr. Kabra serves as the Chairman of the International Copper Association (Wire & Cable Division), Executive council member of SAARC Chamber of Commerce, associating on at the highest capacity with IEEMA as well as shouldering the responsibility as the Chairman of Winding Wire Manufacturers Association for fourteen years. Apart from his corporate lineage, Mr. Kabra is an active promoter of Environmental Conservation, Health & Education.

He continues to serve as the President of Friends of Tribal Society, Mumbai thereby ensuring that his and his organizations contribution towards the well being and prosperity of society and the nation at large is of optimum importance. As President of IEEMA, he plans on ensuring the growth and sustainability of all 850 members, proactively engage on behalf of all members with the government and its agencies on issues of concern and challenges faced by the industry.

Besides acting as just a voice for the industry, he is particularly keen in undertaking activities which will help in capacity building of all members and encourage the industry to be more export competitive and growth oriented.