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Power ecosystem presents unprecedented opportunities to multiple stakeholders

Interview with Kannan Tinnium, Technology Leader – GE Global Research, India

How is the future energy world shaping in your opinion?

The energy ecosystem is changing at a rapid pace… With the development of new technologies, the electric power grid across the world is undergoing a massive transformation. Many types of renewable energy sources (especially Wind & Solar) have significantly penetrated the grid, and now with the advent of distributed generation & microgrids, energy storage and electric vehicles, the grid is becoming more and more complex.

On the other hand, significant technology developments have taken place over the last decade in the areas of power electronics, sensing, communication, data management and data analytics. The convergence of physical and digital innovations coupled with technology advances in energy systems has begun to drastically impact the ecosystem.

Please share the challenges that utilities are facing these days

Handling the intermittent power from Wind and Solar, maintaining grid reliability and stability and accommodating bi-directional power flow from distributed power and electric vehicles are some of the key challenges that utilities need to be prepared for.

What is your vision for the future of the energy systems

The future of the power ecosystem will include more electrification, (Centralized & Distributed) and more digitization. New players coupled with new business models will emerge in order to address the challenges of balancing the fuel mix, integrating new technologies and maintaining physical and cybersecurity. This will present unprecedented opportunities to multiple stakeholders.

Also, it would be great if you could share a quote with us on any of the 6 topics being covered in WUS 2018 as below.

  • Empowering electricity, water, and food security
  • Harmonizing the regulatory framework for utilities
  • Racing with technologies…. Need to keep pace with the technology developments and leapfrog to a new electricity operation space
  • Impact of environmental regulation on Utility
  • Convergence of Utility business
  • Transportation electrification, storage, and renewable energy integration nexus
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