Leading Voices

Dr. Hwang Woohyun

Dr. Hwang Woohyun is a Senior Vice President, Head of Innovative Energy Business Division in KEPCO for developing and testing about smart grid products and technology from 2009. He studied electrical engineering at Chung-Ang University and finished his doctorial thesis in 2009 at the Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Industrial and Information Systems, Graduate School of IT policy and researched data mining. He worked in distribution parts such as planning, designing, operation and maintenance in KEPCO from 1986 to 2000. Also he was in charge of distribution automation system as a planning and deployment expert for whole branch office in KEPCO HQ until 2004. In 2005, as a manager of power supply he served customers at branch office. He attended that planning Smart Grid Test Bed Project for Jeju Island from 2008 with Government, where he also working for 4 years as a specialist and general manager at the department of smart grid in KEPCO HQ. In 2013, as a vice president of SG&ESS Department, he developed the concept of Smart Grid Station and constructed it in KEPCO Guri branch office. And he directed the installation 52MWh BESS for F/R in Seo-Ansung and Shin- Yongin Substation. In 2015, he is currently preparing for Smart City project in Naju Innovative City.

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