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Mr. Elad Shaviv

Elad Shaviv is a seasoned business leader, currently engaged with both the Energy and Information Technologies (IT) domains and is the founder of several companies in the Smart Energy and microgrids domain.

Mr. Shaviv is the co-founder and serves as the CEO of the Israeli Smart Energy Association (ISEA), a national platform, bringing together local and global Smart Energy players and stakeholders to share knowledge, drive initiatives, and build partnerships.

Mr. Shaviv earned the reputation as a global “thought leader” in the emerging Smart Energy market and is frequently invited to speak at IT, Energy, and Innovation conferences around the world.

Among his current engagements, he chairs the Global Power Utility Business Innovation Forum’ sits on the steering committee of the World Utility Summit, serves as a special global partnerships consultant to Cisco Systems, sits on the standardization expert groups for Distributed Energy and for Smart Cities, and is engaged on several research programs in the microgrid space.

Mr. Shaviv led studies, and is engaged with leading research institutes, to help shape the new evolving energy world, among the studies are:
• Roadmap for Smart Grid Deployment in Israel
• National implications of Microgrid deployment
• Clean Energy Innovation in Israel
• Achieving near zero settlements in Europe

Prior to his current roles, Mr. Shaviv served as an executive at Cisco Europe and held several CEO and leadership roles at innovative start-ups and growth companies in the IT and Energy industries.

Mr. Shaviv holds M.Sc. in Management from Boston University and B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering from the Technion.

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