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Ms. Anjuli Chandra

M/s Anjuli Chandra is an Electrical Engineer, MBA and is also a Certified Energy Auditor by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. She is an officer of the 1978 IES batch.

She has over 40  years of rich experience in Power Sector, ranging from Power Plant design, generation Monitoring, Transmission line and Substation Planning, construction, monitoring, Planning and Design of Distribution systems, Development of renewable energy sources, Financial Appraisal of Power Projects, Implementation of DSM measures, reduction of AT&C losses, Analysis and Monitoring of Capital Expenditure Schemes of Transmission, Distribution Utilities & Generation Utilities and Regulation of Power Sector.

At present, she is holding the charge of Member in Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission.

She has held senior positions in Central Electricity Authority, Punjab State Electricity Board and Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission.

She has wide exposure, with hands-on experience in the field as well as in Planning and Design & Regulation.

She has planned the Sub-transmission system of Thimpu and Paro in Bhutan.

She has framed and notified Regulations for Multi-Year Tariff, Supply Code, Grid code, Open access, forecasting and Scheduling for renewable generators RPO and Net Metering.

She has brought out the 19th Electric Power Survey report and the Crisis and Disaster Management Plan for the Power sector.

Her areas of interest include Regulation, Integration of renewable energy sources in the Grid, Smart Grid, Intelligent Metering and Loss Reduction Strategies.

She has Chaired and been a member of various Task forces and Committees constituted by the Ministry of Power, Central Electricity Authority, CERC, BIS, DERC and PSERC.

She has authored and presented around 75 technical papers in various conferences and seminars in National and International forums.

She was awarded by CBIP in 2006-2007 for meritorious contribution to power sector. She was also awarded by National council of Power utilities in 2012 for her contribution to power sector.

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