Leading Voices

Mr. Mustafa Wajid

Mustafa Wajid, an engineer-entrepreuner leads the technology driven MEHER Group as its Managing Director & CEO. Over the last three decades plus he has led the MEHER team to build leadership positions in various business areas that include Reactive Power Compensation products & systems for T&D Networks, Power Quality Solutions for LV Networks, Passive Components for Power Electronics & Advanced Dielectric Materials.

Professionally Mustafa has been a longstanding IEEE member & participated in various broad activities, that include serving on several committees of different bodies of Government of India , in the IEC TC33 & SG4 as well as Chair of several National/International technology conferences. He has been a Member, Executive Council, IEEMA for several years & mentors the “Engineer Infinite” program of IEEMA which is focused on strengthening Industry-Academia engagement.

Mustafa also Chairs the IEEE’s LVDC Forum, India & is a member of “IEEE – ICCOM”, which is part of the IEEE SA Standards Board. He is also the current Chair of The IET’s Communities Committee – South Asia & Member of The IET India Development Panel.

His hobbies & passions primarily involve indulgences in mathematics, soccer, diverse genres of music, theatre, reading, teaching & retreating periodically to the mountains.

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