Leading Voices

Mr. S. Gurumurthy

Mr. Gurumurthy is a renowned economist and one of original thinkers in India. He is known for his deep understanding of how societies lay down their priorities and then guide their basic thought processes to achieve them. A Chartered accountant of high repute and also a highly respected columnist in print and electronic media, he is also author of several books. He has championed the cause of reforms in Indian economy with emphasis on, among other areas, power sector.

His expertise is actively sought, by both Governments and Industry leaders, particularly in areas of achieving overall balance in well being of peoples while protecting of environment. Globally the issue of warming of earth’s atmosphere as well as carbon pollution is engaging the minds of everybody. Mr. Gurumurthy has made considerable insight into those problems and how they should be tackled so as to achieve a fair and equitable balance between varying and at times contradictory interests so as to benefit the entire mankind as a whole.

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