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The theme of the World Utility Summit, WUS 2020 is "Utility Next". The electricity ecosystem is undergoing an unprecedented transformation with the proliferation of renewables, distributed generation resources and electric vehicles on one side and consumer activism and regulatory pressures on the other. Developing countries are also facing these challenges in addition to their ongoing struggle to provide universal 24x7 power supply. Moreover, as many of the consumers of electricity become prosumers, the electricity ecosystem would change radically and new market entrants would emerge. There is an immediate need for utilities to evaluate how the provision and consumption of energy services would happen in future.

This summit would bring in thought leaders across the globe to deliberate the preparedness of utilities to deal with the transformational changes. Regulators, technology providers, consultants, government bodies and utility leaders are expected to share their views on various challenging and exciting scenarios and this will help to shape the roadmap of future utilities.

Market Enablers

Changing consumer demands and expectations, evolving business models and upcoming players are expected to transform the Utilities entirely.

Revenue Security

With availability of the multiple options for consumers to meet their demand and increase of prosumers, revenue of the Utilities are under threat.

Grid Transformation - Renewables and Electric Vehicles

Increasing penetration of existing technologies like renewables and upcoming technologies like electric vehicles requires changing the way grids are being operated.

Enabling Technologies - Digitalization & Cyber Security

Digitalization will generate substantial amount of data and connect all assets & operations allowing higher efficiency. While digitalizing the grids, cyber security need to be enhanced to reduce systemic risks.

Policy & Standards

With rapidly changing landscape of the Utilities, new approach need to be taken by the policymakers.


Energy storage has a versatile role to play in operating grids and providing value to all the stakeholders including balancing demand & supply, regulating frequency, managing renewables and providing autonomy for consumers. Energy storage will also play a very important role in achieving the full potential of new and upcoming technologies.