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Utilities’ role maybe of a facilitator and Solution provider

Interview with Mr.Debasish Banerjee, Standing Committee Member

Quote of Mr.Banerjee on “Racing with Technologies”

“Digitization has the potential to enhance productivity, raise throughput, improve predictions, accuracy & optimization. Leveraging digital transformation and focusing on customer experience can help enterprises pave a path to success”

How is the future energy world shaping in your opinion?

We are in a transformation era of the energy market. Changing from fossil fuels to clean fuels. Although we are still at the early stages of the change, it is becoming clearer that it is inevitable, and it will happen sooner than most experts expect.
In addition two important trends are happening. Diversification – more types and sources of fuels, and distribution – electricity generation everywhere.

Along all of that the electric vehicles revolution is around the corner, and it is a cornerstone in the new energy world.

Challenges that utilities are facing these days in my region

Our electricity market is on the verge of changing from one vertical utility to a multiplicity of electricity generators, and potentially an open electricity supply market. This is of course very difficult for the reigning monopoly.

In addition the big utility is having difficulty adjusting to a changing energy market, where generation is distributed, and is controlled by many players. Also, modern and fast changing IT is reshaping the electricity market around the world, but is very slow to be adapted by the local utility. Once the supply market will open, this will quickly change, and will seriously challenge the utility.

A quote on Transportation electrification, storage, and renewable energy integration nexus

This is disruption in progress. The convergence of critical enabling technologies in vehicle electrification, storage, and clean energy will make the energy world very different much sooner than most experts expect.

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